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17 February 2012 @ 01:38 am
The trailer for Eureka Seven AO came out today, as well as a bunch of other information. I am overflowing with all the feels.

Voice cast announcement!

  • It is good to have Kenichi Yoshida art animated by BONES in my eyeballs again. Beautiful gorgeousness is beautiful.
  • It's so exciting to see trapar again. I am so ecstatic to be back in this world and to explore how it's evolved.
  • I'm unfamiliar with most of the voice actors, except for Chiaki Omigawa, who I am most pleased will be lending her adorable little voice to the show.
  • My reaction to finding out that Nakamura Koji is doing the music went as follows:
    "It's not Naoki Sato??? :(" --> "Uhh, wait, who's this guy?" --> *looks him up* "Oh, he's the guy from Supercar. He made some good songs for the original soundtrack! Wonder if he's done anything else." --> *looks up music* "......I am not worried anymore."
  • I hope AO retains some of the original show's themes. Like, a huge part of the original series was how love helps people change for the better and recover from their suffering, which was represented mostly though a number of wonderfully different romantic relationships. Familial love was very important in that series, too. I think that theme would be perfect to carry over into AO and explore further. I know it won't go the same way, of course, but it would be awesome to get that thematic cohesion between the two series.
  • Also, cameos will make me cry. Just putting that out there. Omigod, I haven't even thought about how Anemone and Dominic might fit into all this, oh god oh man oh god.
  • The only thing I'm kind of iffy about is the fact that there's an all-female squad of mech pilots who wear uniforms. This bothers a little me because 1) it sounds a little gimmick-y, and 2) I really liked the lack of uniforms in the original series. I felt it kind of contributed to the show's free-spiritedness, if that's the right word? Ehh, whatever. It's really not that big a deal.
  • Basically, I just want to be watching this right now. Where is April?
    Artemiscrsg on February 17th, 2012 07:31 am (UTC)
    Oh man, so excited about this! Maybe just a tiny bit apprehensive because I hold the original series in such high regard, but the trailer looks awesome so I'm less nervous than I was, at least. <3